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Current Postgraduate Students



Although not compulsory, there are a number of highly recommended courses available, which can support you professional growth and development. These include courses such as " Scientific Writing ", Intercultural Awareness" and "Fortran 90/95" for Physical Scientists.

Attendance of courses is monitored  and can be added to  your training record.

All courses organised by the department can be accessed via the Postgraduate Education Programme Hub.  Here you will be able to see more details of the courses and enrol via Moodle.

Details of other course can be found on the  University Training Booking System (UTBS)


Undergraduate Lectures

All undergraduate lectures are available to you should you need to attend to revise and improve your chemistry background knowledge and theory. This will help you to complete you postgraduate studies more efficiently. Details of courses which are available can be found in the undergraduate course guides. If you are unsure which courses are relevant to your area of research, please consult your superviosr or day-to-day lab supervisor for further advice. A full schedule of courses can be found on Timetable.

Computational Courses

The Chemistry Department relies upon the excellent selection of computing courses provided by the central University Information Service.  These can also be booked through UTBS however, you need to be really quick to sign up as places are limited and are taken up very quickly. There are also a selection of self-taught courses where you can either download the course material or access via Moodle depending on the course. Check UTBS for more information. Course materials can be downloaded here.

Basic computational courses recommended by the Chemistry Department are:

  • Unix
  • R
  • Python (Offered within Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Studies: See Course Guides Part II )
  • C++
  • High Performance Computing
  • LaTeX (Offered within Department of Chemistry Graduate Education: See Optional Courses)

It should be noted that the course notes for UIS courses can be downloaded by anybody in the University, i.e. the possibility exists to work through courses independently and teach oneself the material.