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Current Postgraduate Students


All researchers should be aware of the possible commercial applications of their research output. The ownership of any intellectual property resulting from a student’s research project depends on how the student is funded and other factors. 

If you are a student and you have contributed to the creation of an invention, it is important to clarify the details surrounding any agreements, particularly sponsorship and collaboration agreements, which may stipulate the ownership of IP. This is because when students are not employees of the University, students own the IP in the material they create, except:

  • when the student’s sponsorship agreement with their sponsor states otherwise
  • when the student is engaged in research that is governed by an agreement between the University and a third party that states otherwise
  • when the student is working in collaboration with others in a way that gives rise to joint or interdependent creation of IP.

Students need to check the specific circumstances and include those details when submitting the invention disclosure form to Cambridge Enterprise. Supervisors also have an obligation to make sure students know about these obligations before starting their research.

If you require further information, please contact Cambridge Enterprise.