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Current Postgraduate Students



A variety of Characterisation Techniques lectures are available annually in the Chemistry Department (Book now!), which can underpin experimental and theory work and are available in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms.  In addition, MRC-LMB and the Biochemistry and Materials Departments share their courses with us but please note that you must book yourself on any sessions which you wish to attend in Materials: you may simply turn up to attend the Biochemistry lectures but please note: the Sanger Building Reception closes at 5.00 pm, so anyone wishing to attend will need to arrive at least 5 minutes early in order to gain access to the building.  The schedules and booking form for all courses are given here:

MRC-LMB Biophysical Techniques - Lent 2017-18

Biochemistry Department Characterisation Techniques - Michaelmas 2017-18

Materials Department Basic Courses - Michaelmas 2017-18

Materials Department In Depth Courses - Michaelmas 2017-18

Materials Department In Depth Courses - Lent 2017-18

Materials Department Course Booking Form



In addition to Characterisation Techniques, other courses which will also run on an annual basis are Information Systems, Fundamental Skills and Statistics for Chemists: you will find all the details regarding course content in the University Training Booking System (UTBS).  Just click on the one you are interested in and you will be taken to the right section of the UTBS website.



Apart from Dr Thom's Part II undergraduate Python course (see Blue Book for further details), the Chemistry Department relies upon the excellent selection of computing courses provided by the central University Computing Service to support our students and postdocs.  However you need to be really quick to sign up as places are limited and are taken up very quickly.

Basic computational courses recommended by the Chemistry Department are:

Advanced courses

It should be noted that the course notes for UCS courses can be downloaded by anybody in the University, i.e. the possibility exists to work through courses independently and teach oneself the material.

Other courses

You should also talk to your supervisor about potentially useful ARCHER courses that it may be appropriate for you to attend.