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Current Postgraduate Students


Below you can find the relevant procedures for the First Year Probationary Review.  If you require information that is not on this page please contact Graduate Administration.

Who can Serve as a First Year Probationary Review Assessor?

This is not yet defined at University level, although there are some discussions ongoing.  Departmentally, it has been agreed that:

  1. All categories of staff (UTO, Research Fellows [Royal Society URFs or equivalent], Teaching Fellows, Academic Related staff, Principal Research Associates, Senior Research Associates and retired Academic staff) may serve as first year probationary review Assessors.
  2. The first Assessor is assigned from the RIG pool (the Academic Mentor) by the Graduate Student Co-ordinator.
  3. The second Assessor is selected by the student’s Supervisor (with agreement from the second Assessor to take the role on).
  4. At least one of the first year Probationary Review Assessors must be a Chemistry Department UTO.

Information for Assessors

It has been agreed with the Degree Committee that our Departmental procedure will be the following:

1.  Students will be notified as to who their Assessors are in early June and organise provisional viva dates prior to report submission: please reply to their email requests to do this and set viva dates.  If you do not wish to set the viva date in advance of receiving the report, please communicate this to the students. They are aware that this might sometimes be the case.

2.  Students will submit their soft bound reports to the Graduate Student Co-ordinator by the deadline of noon, 29th June 2020; you will be notified individually by email of any students who have been granted an extension to this.

3. All soft bound copies submitted on time plus hard copies of all associated paperwork/forms will be placed in Faculty pigeon holes; the Degree Committee Guide to Assessing first year reports will be circulated at the same time by email.

4. Once the Assessment is complete, hard copies of all paperwork and forms need to go to the Graduate Student Co-ordinator (Rachel MacDonald), either via pigeon hole or to her office (148B); these will then be uploaded to Moodle on your behalf.  Soft bound reports may be returned directly to the students at the end of the viva.

Information for Supervisors

When the viva is complete, the Graduate Student Co-ordinator will upload the Assessors' reports to Moodle.  Once these have been checked by the Degree Committee, they will email the Supervisor of each student individually to:

  • let you know if there have been any problems raised during the Assessment Process;
  • give you Moodle access to view the Assessors' reports together with the final electronic copy of the student's report (same as the hard copy that was Assessed) and their Training Record, should you also wish to see those in a convenient way.

If the situation is straightforward recommendation for registration, you will then need to submit a comment on the student's progress by email and indicate your support of the assessors' recommendation (this can only be done by you, as the student's Supervisor, after the viva is complete and Assessors' reports are in).

If any problems have been raised, the procedures outlined on the student web pages will be followed and one of the Departmental Tutors will help with anything other than straightforward registration for PhD where it is required.

Information provided to students

Please follow link here to find information that students are given.