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Current Postgraduate Students



You may need to travel to present your work at a conference in the UK, Europe, or even farther abroad.  This will not only help expose you to interesting research and other academics who share your research interests, but it is a fundamental part of your research training, improving your presentation and networking skills.  Travel is also usually an essential part of fieldwork and presents new opportunities and challenges.  

The Department of Chemistry holds bursary funds to help support student travel to conferences (including associated costs such as accommodation, subsistence and registration fees) and for other purposes.  Students in the Department of Chemistry may apply for bursaries of no more than half the total cost of the conference/fieldwork trip up to a maximum of £500 in any academic year of PhD or MPhil study.  There is no carry-over of funds from one year to the next for PhD students, i.e. £500 maximum per year.  Students should ensure that they use any support available from either their College or PhD/MPhil funding source before applying for Departmental funds using the Travel Bursary Application Form and we expect that students will normally be planning to present a poster or speak at the conference which they apply to be funded for.

As with all study/work related travel during your studies, please make sure that you have the right travel insurance in place before you go.  Details of the University Travel Insurance Policy and how to arrange cover can be found here.

When to apply? Applications are considered by the Graduate Education Committee every time they meet (at least once per term).  You will normally be notified within a week following the meeting at which your application is considered whether you have been successful and, although we prefer students to apply for funds before they attend conferences, we realise that this is not always possible due to the timings of the GEC meetings.


There are often training opportunities to be found outside the University Researcher Development Programme and the Department can sometimes provide financial support for students who wish to take up such opportunities, usually half the total cost of a training opportunity up to a maximum of £250 in any academic year of PhD study.  If you wish to apply through the Department for financial support to take up such an opportunity, please use the Training Course Application Form.

When to apply? Applications are considered on a rolling basis so please apply at any time.  We will endeavour to notify you within two weeks of application if you have been awarded the funding you have requested.


Please be aware that the application process this year has become centralised.  Use the process below to apply and please let the Graduate Students' Co-ordinator know if you have any problems at all with your application.

Please note that you may apply for funding for the ADTIS courses (either the conditional or in-sessional), as well as other language courses using the process below.

1)  Check with your College to see if they will fully or partially fund the training (if the College will fund 100% of the course, you should not apply to the central fund through the Department).

2)  If the College part-funds or does not fund the language training, you need apply online via this link (where you provide details of your College, Supervisor, Department and the language course you wish to attend, the provider - which can be University or External, and the training need that will be met):

3)   Once you have submitted the form, an email will be generated automatically to your Supervisor and Graduate Student Co-ordinator, who will be given the opportunity to comment on or decline your application wthin 48 hours.

4)  Once this process is complete, the School will agree to your booking the course, and a confirmation email will be sent to you and the GSC. 

5)  You book and pay for the course of your choosing, attend and complete the appropriate evaluation.

6)  You present your proof of completion of the course to the Graduate Student Co-ordinator whereupon you will be reimbursed for the amount approved by the School.

The Language Centre also has a special Pressland Fund  for Scientists that enables postgrads and undergrads to go on a short intensive course abroad in a country where the language is spoken.  They just need to provide evidence of recent commitment to language study.

When to apply? Applications are considered on a rolling basis so please apply at any time.  You should be notified within two weeks of application if you have been awarded the funding you have requested.


In this section, we would like to gather information on other bursaries/awards which Chemistry Graduate Students may find useful.  The first of these is from the Cambridge Philosophical Society, who offer Research Studentships and Travel Grants every year to those successful applicants who have been members of the society for twelve months or more when they apply.


Travel Bursary Application Form

Training Course Application Form.