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There are short queues (s) (24 hours), long queues (l) (48 hours) and very long queues (v) (128 hours). Queues are named s1, s12, s16, and l1, l12...etc. The number of processors available in the parallel queues is just a default and you can set it differently.

Nodes purchased by Prof. Chris Hunter have the "ivybridge" property. Nodes migrated from swan have the "westmere" property.

Examples below.

qsub -q s1 # 1 core on 1 node
qsub -q s12 # 12 cores on 1 "westmere" node
qsub -q s16 # 16 cores on 1 "ivybridge" node
qsub -q l1 -l nodes=1:ppn=10:westmere # 10 cores on 1 "westmere" node

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