skip to content provides approximately 30TB of scratch space, accessible over the network. By default, all files on uccscratch are visible to all members of the CMI and editable only by their owner.

Data on this server is not backed up!!

Future of uccscratch server

The server hardware is no longer under warranty and if it fails it is unlikely to be repaired.

How to Access

A single share is available:

  • \\\scratch

Windows clients

On managed CMI Windows workstations, uccscratch should be automatically mapped as drive S:. To connect manually (e.g. from non-managed computers), follow the instructions here

Linux clients

On managed CMI Linux workstations, uccscratch is automatically mounted via NFS at /netscratch

Mac OSX clients

Follow the instructions here

Support and Help

Problems should be reported to in the first instance.

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