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The NAg Fortran Library. A numerical and stats library for Fortran.


No longer available. If you want it back, please contact the Computer Officers. Whether we can install it or not depends if it is still included in the University's site licence for NAG products at the time you request it. 

Instructions for users: 

The NAG Fortran library comes in many different 'flavours' for use with different operating system versions and Fortran compilers. We have to get a separate licence for each one so if the combination you want isn't available on the system it's worth asking if we can install it. Be sure you're using a compiler that matches the library.

Load the appropriate nagfortranlibrary module to get access to the library. Then build your program using the appropriate compiler and the appropriate flags to link the library. For example:

 ifort -o test e01bafe.f90 -lnag_nag  

Licence Details: 

This is commercial licence-managed software. We have a network licence for it under the University's site deal with NAG. This has to be renewed every year and usually expires at the end of October. The licence server must be available and the licence free in order for you to run code which uses the library.

Admin notes: 

To install: put the supplied tarball into the NFS server, unpack it, and run, pointing it at /usr/local/shared/nag. Make a modulefile in /usr/local/shared/nag/Modules/modulefiles64 somewhere. Because the nag library names are not user friendly, I have not supplied magic modulefiles so you'll have to put the NAG product code into the modulefile.

Licence server is Kusari, runs on