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Molden is a package for displaying molecular density from the ab initio packages GAMESS-UK , GAMESS-US and GAUSSIAN and the semi-empirical packages Mopac/Ampac. It also supports a number of other programs via the Molden format.


No longer available. If you want it back please contact the Computer Officers.

Instructions for users: 
 module load molden 

or if you want to use it with Gaussian

 module load gaussian molden 

Note that Gaussian is only available on 64-bit workstations and to people on the access control list.

Licence Details: 

The licence states: Copyright (C) 1991 Gijs Schaftenaar Permission to use, copy this software and its documentation for private use is hereby granted to non profit organisations. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. Please cite the author in any work based on this material.

The correct citation to use is: G.Schaftenaar and J.H. Noordik, "Molden: a pre- and post-processing program for molecular and electronic structures", J. Comput.-Aided Mol. Design, 14 (2000) 123-134


Postscript and text; type 'module help molden' to find the location of the documentation for the version you are using.

Admin notes: 

Edit the makefile and the ambfor/makefile to use gfortran. Edit molden.f and change 'external iargc' to 'external gfortran_iargc'. make. Copy molden. gmolden, ambfor/ambfor up to the NFS server, also the utils test and doc directories. uncompress the docs. Make a module. Test by firing it up, selecting 'Read' off the control panel window, and picking files out of the test directory.

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