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A program that converts Fortran 77 code into C and a library that enables you to compile said C code.


Not currently available. If you want it back please contact the IT staff.

Instructions for users: 

You almost certainly should not be using this program. We have lots of different, modern, Fortran compilers available here (gfortran and nagfor are available to all; most users of these systems also have access to pgf95, ifort, and path95. Finally g95 is there for the loading). This program was intended for use by people who only had a C compiler.

If you read the above and and you know exactly what you're doing and you still want to use it, here's how. 32 bit only, by the way. Assume your Fortran 77 code is in 'hello.f'.

 /usr/local/shared/f2c/f2c hello.f # creates hello.c gcc -m32 -o hello hello.c /usr/local/shared/f2c/libf2c.a # creates hello 
Licence Details: 

Open source and Free. Text in /usr/local/shared/f2c/LICENSE .


There's a readme file on netlib (see above)

Admin notes: 

Compiled for someone who had truly ancient code which needed to be built this way. You have to download and build the libf2c.a library (editing the makefile to add -m32 to CFALGS and -melf_i386 to the 'ld' options) then build f2c itself with similar twiddles.

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