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Bazel is a tool that automates software builds and tests. Supported build tasks include running compilers and linkers to produce executable programs and libraries, and assembling deployable packages for Android, iOS and other target environments. Bazel is similar to other tools like Make, Ant, Gradle, Buck, Pants and Maven.


ABC cluster. Installable on managed Linux machines by their registered owners.

Instructions for users: 

If you are the registered user of a managed workstation you can install this using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install bazel

After that it will be on the PATH.

Licence Details: 

Apache licence

Admin notes: 

We took a .deb from and added it to our local repository for Ubuntu 14.04 rather than adding yet more PPAs to the image. The current debs come in versions for jdk8 and jdk7. As JDK8 isn't part of Ubuntu 14.04 we went with a JDK7 version. We also found that the latest packaged deb (version 0.15) seemed to have a broken dependency so we have 0.14. 

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