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Plantagenet is a serial cluster of 5 twin-processor, 64-bit, dual-core 285 2.6GHz Opteron nodes.

The setup/configuration has been done by Streamline.

Almost all work is done from the head noes. In particular, passwords and shells should only be changed on the head node. Every node has a name on the cluster's internal network of the form compXX. The compute nodes can be logged into from the head node but not from outside. You should almost never need to log into a compute node.

If your jobs write data to your home directory then it will be SLOW (approx maximum of 5MB per second), whereas writing data to local disk is MUCH FASTER.

Each node has local a /tmp filesystem where your jobs can write data to at a reasonable speed. The nature of /tmp is that files will be deleted when they are 5 days old.

Problems with plantagenet should be reported to support@ch in the first instance.

The compiler installed is the Pathscale one: pathf90 or pathf95