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This is a service available to everyone in the Department, and to visitors to the department. The Open Access Wireless Network is connected to the Internet via a business broadband connection.

Note: problems with this service may not be fixed as quickly as problems with our core data network.

Where is it?

All centrally-managed wireless access points now provide "OpenAccess"

Who is it for?

This network is completely separate from the academic network. If you use it you will be logically outside the domain. Machines may use the wireless without checking by the Computer Officers, so it will be useful for visitors or people who only bring their laptops in occasionally.

How do I use it?

Look for a wireless network with a name (SSID) of the form: OpenAccess and connect to it. Your wireless network connection must be configured to use DHCP.

How Secure is this network?

It isn't. This is a completely unsecured wireless network. Anyone with access to one of the Wireless APs can see all other network traffic on that AP.

For secure network data transfer please use ssh, https, etc.

Your computer has some protection from Internet nasties as there are a couple of NATing firewalls in-between you and the Internet. You can still download nasties and receive virus'ed email, though.

Where am I (virtually)?

Your computer, when using the OpenAccess wireless network, is on the Internet and NOT on the CUDN nor JANET. It is as if you are accessing the Internet from home.


IP Address conflict, is in use

Your computer was previously connected to the Open Access Wireless Network and remembers the IP address it was given. Meanwhile another computer has been given that IP address.

Solution: Restart your wireless network connection OR disconnect and reconnect OR renew your DHCP lease.


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