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When did you work in IT support at the Department of Chemistry?

I think my first engagement was in February 2009 - the Electronic Laboratory Notebook presentation - and I left at the end of January 2017.

What were your main duties?

General systems design and administration, in collaboration with other members of the team.

What did you most enjoy when you worked in the IT team?

Working with the other members of the team to produce solutions which met peoples needs and made their lives easier. Making IT get out of the way so things 'just worked'.

What did you find the greatest challenge?

Overcoming reluctance to change, in some parts of the team.

What did you learn working in the IT team?

That there are occasions to push an idea hard - and occasions not to. That people "working around" the rules are perhaps a sign that there's a need not being met. That there are times to risk breaking things - and times to play safe.

What are you up to now?

I am currently the Head of IT and Computing at the Faculty of Mathematics.

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