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Managing your email attachments and Hermes mail quota

One fundamental way in which the IMAP mail protocol differs from the POP mail protocol is the location of your mail. When using POP, your mail will be moved off the central mail server (Hermes) onto the machine you're using. This has implications both for the 'security' of your mail (you now only have a local copy, on a machine which may or may not be backed-up), and for flexibility of access (you can't read your mail from another machine).

If you configure your mail client (aka MUA, mail user agent) to use the IMAP protocol, your mail will remain on the central mail server. It's therefore quite easy to reach your quota limit, especially if you need to keep all your mail (received and sent). Since it it generally the attachments to mail messages that take up all the filespace, we strongly urge you to consider detaching those documents from the parent mail message, and save them to disk (if you need to access the attachment from multiple machines, ensure that this location is a network drive).

The pages listed below explain how to detach attachments from messages for a variety of mail clients and platforms.


System status 

System monitoring page

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