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The dexter cluster has a large scratch space for the use of the Frenkel group. This is 48TB in size. It is scratch space so the data is not backed up. If you delete anything it is gone for good. The quota is 1TB by default. Members of the Frenkel group are automatically given access to it. 

Management of this space is delegated to the Frenkel group computer reps so ask them if you think you should have access and don't, or if you need changes to the quota. If the space fills up the Computer Officers will notify the group reps and take whatever action they decide on.

The space can be accessed under /frenkelscratch on dexter's head and compute nodes, or by ssh from the main network to where the space will again be found under /frenkelscratch . This allows mounting of the space by sshfs on the Linux workstations.

Delegated management notes

Only group computer reps can do these.

To add a user, use the Delegated Management System to put them in the group dexter-filestore-0-users . The node will then automatically create them a directory and give them a 1TB quota. This can take up to 15 minutes to process.

To edit quotas, ssh to and use edquota or setquota with sudo:

# show quota for cen1001
sudo quota -u cen1001 
# edit quota for cen1001 in a text editor, by default pico
sudo edquota cen1001 
# set quota for cen1001 to 1TB soft and hard limit, no inode limit
sudo setquota cen1001 1048576000 1048576000 0 0 /scratch 
# show quota and usage for everyone
sudo repquota /scratch 

System status 

System monitoring page

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