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Chembox is a file hosting and synchronization service similar to dropbox. Each user will be given a 10 GB space quota, where they can store files that they wish to share with fellow group members or external collaborators. Chembox uses ownCloud, which has a number of sync-clients available for different platforms.

Getting Access

Chembox is currently only available upon request; this is so we can ensure that demand for the service does not exceed the available capacity. Please email the Computer Officers at to request access.


Sync Clients

Instructions for configuring the client on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows are available.

Sync clients are available on managed workstations.

  • Linux - available in the standard image.
  • Mac OSX - avaliable in the standard image.
  • Windows - install ownCloud through WPKG

There are a number of sync clients available for your own devices:

Sharing files/folders

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