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Chemistry of Health


For members wishing to work in the Tissue culture suite, we advise that you must ensure that approved Biological Risk Assessments are in place prior to starting any work. Information about Biological Safety can be found on the Departmental Safety Website and discussed with the Departmental Biological Safety Officer, Dr. Richard Turner.

Our Tissue Culture facility contains all the equipment required for standard cell biology techniques, most equipment have log books and the microbiological safety cabinets can be booked via our electronic booking system. All users must attend a training course offered at CRUK (training registration fees are the responsibility of individual research groups) followed by an induction tour with our principal administrator prior to gaining access to the TC facility. A lab management plan for the facility must also be read. Within the suite, we provide a number of communal consumables (which are charged based on usage) to ensure that experiments run smoothly. For information regarding the training, please contact

The lab management plan can be found here