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We have created this new COVID-19 information page on the website to bring together all the relevant information and files you need as a user of the NMR Facility at the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry.


Download a copy of our Users Guide to the NMR Facility during the COVID-19 pandemic below:


Download our latest NMR Facility COVID-19 specific Risk Assessment below:

  • NMR Facility Risk Assessment (PDF format - must be printed, signed and dated, then returned to as a PDF preferably - scan or photograph and convert, or use tools in PDF reader to add signature, name and date)

Note that until users return this risk assessment, Mifare access or the ability to book our rooms on Clustermarket will not be given.


The following forms should be downloaded to your PC/Laptop for use when submitting samples or ordering NMR Consumables:

Please use our dedicated email addresses: and

We will no longer accept paper copies of the forms, please do not bring these to the NMR Facility as they are a risk hazard as well as a waste of paper.


Google Chrome Remote Desktop

We have been using the Remote Desktop application to log in remotely and take control of our NMR Facility PC's and spectrometers. We feel this is a good solution for solving problems and troubleshooting remotely from B28 (Duncan) or at home (Andrew). It also allows us to set and check up on our instrument IconNMR automated overnight runs from home. We feel that we can also use the app for training of users on spectrometers by demonstrating things remotely by taking control and for solving problems with spectra without being in the same room. We are also happy that we can use it to log on to researcher worker's laptops to assist with TopSpin queries and issues should you not be able to bring your equipment to us. If you would like to read more about the app then there is more information at


Zoom, Teams and Skype

If you just need to talk to us about a problem and it doesn't lend itself to an email conversation we can have a video call on one of the above applications which are now pretty commonplace. Just email us to outline your question and if we need to a arrange meeting we'll take it from there.


Guides to the Open-Access spectrometer experiments with fair use submission rules

We have produced a guide to each of our fiveopen-access spectrometers and the experiments they can perform, the price of each experiment and the fair use guidelines for submission of samples. These have been totally rewritten to account for the new way of working in the facility during the COVID-19 pandemic and will hopefully allow enough everyone a fair chance at getting their research done without overwhelming the instruments or blocking others from using them. Download or view the PDF posters below:


Quick guide to using our new Accuratus glass keyboards

Duncan has made a brief instruction guide to using our new Accuratus glass wireless keyboards. These combine the keyboard and trackpad function into one unit and there are some specific keys to press to toggle the modes. Make sure you have a look at this before booking one of our spectrometers.

Accuratus glass keyboard guide (PDF format)


Spectrometer Comparison Chart 2021

Use the spectrometer comparison chart here to decide which instrument is best for your sample to avoid a wasted booking and visit to the basement in these difficult times! If in doubt ask the NMR team on the usual address!