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700 MHz TXO Cryoprobe Spectrometer - 'Arran' - Room B14

This spectrometer is now in full working order for both solution and solid state probes. Currently running the Dual room temperature probe in open-access use.

This upgraded spectrometer resulted from much hard work by former STO Peter Grice and the NMR team together with Janet Kumita formerly from the Chemistry of Health research groups to get grant funding for the work to be carried out. The instrument however remains part of the departmental NMR facility, although some of the time will be used by Chemistry of Health researchers and their collaborators as well as Melinda Duer and Alex Forse's groups.

There are now four probes suitable for use in the spectrometer. The orginal solution state TXO Cryoprobe which utilises the 1H, 13C and 15N channels available in the refurbished Avance II+ console to offer protein structural determination capability. The second solution state probe is a room temperature dual type which is used when in open-access mode.  Previous users of the instrument will be familiar with its ability and usefulness for this type of application as well as for low concentration assay and screening work or situations where dispersion and sensitivity are key. The other probes are solid state, and thus the cryoplatform is turned off and the TXO Cryoprobe removed for the periods when solid state NMR is in progress. The first, and already delivered probe type is a MASSB-DR-BB/1H-1.3mm DVT.  In plain English, it is a CPMAS H/X-Nucleus DVT high speed double resonance probehead for Standard Bore magnets suitable for solid state NMR using 1.3mm rotors. It offers an X-Channel which is tunable between 31P and 15N by means of capacitor changes with high power 1H decoupling.  It has a temperature range of -30ºC to +70ºC. It can rotate at up to 67KHz, with special Bruker rotors. A MASSB-TR-C/N/H-3.2 DVT probe is also ready for use.  Contact the NMR Facility team if you would like to use any of the probes on the 700 MHz. We welcome trained users with TCI Cryoprobe experience to become users of this instrument

Time can be booked on the 700MHz spectrometer by trained users here.

The picture above shows the Avance 700 as it appears at present with our large aluminium ladder giving access to the soon to be replaced BACS-60 sample changer.