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200 MHz Dual DPX-200 Spectrometer - 'Springbank' - Room B22

The Bruker DPX-200 is found in our smallest room B22.  The relatively small stray magnetic field from this magnet allows us to utilise this space for an extra NMR instrument.  Although the magnet is filled with nitrogen and helium by the NMR service, it is not used by us or research workers.  The system is primarily utilised by the Teaching Classes for demonstration of modern Fourier Transform NMR, and for the running of samples synthesised during Part II classes and the Part III research project.  The system runs using Icon-NMR automation software, with the user having only to insert and remove their samples.  Students engaged in Part II and III research will be trained by members of the Teaching Laboratory technical staff.  This should cover the basics of IconNMR operation, the different experiments available for use, and how to choose them, and any extra processing skills needed. Additional time on the DPX-200 has in the past been used by the Head of Department, Dr. James Keeler and members of his group as part of their research and development of NMR techniques as well as other research groups with specific low field needs. Please see Andrew and Duncan if you feel your research needs this instrument although bear in mind that this is only possible outside the academic terms.

Undergraduates requiring more information about the use of this spectrometer during their practical studies may wish to talk to Rafel Cabot Mesquida, who is the technician with responsibility for this instrument.