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Quorum Technologies Q150T ES Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater


A combined system for both sputtering (available targets are Cr and Pt) and carbon coating (3 mm carbon rods) fitted with a Film Thickness Monitor.








Quorum Technologies GloQube Dual Chamber Glow Discharge System


The GloQube® is a compact, easy-to-use glow discharge system primarily used for the hydrophilisation (wetting) of carbon-coated TEM support films and grids which otherwise have the tendency to be hydrophobic. Glow discharge treatment with air will make film surfaces negatively charged and hydrophilic and allow the easy spread of aqueous solutions. Other applications include surface modifications, for example for enhancing polymer bonding. The GloQube has a convenient single drawer with two independent vacuum chambers: a clean chamber for glow discharge applications requiring hydrophobic/hydrophilic conversion and a vapour chamber designed for hydrophilic/hydrophobic (negative or positive) conversions. The various glow discharge processes are outlined below. 


Fischione Model 1070 Nanoclean Plasma Cleaner


The Nanoclean uses a 25% oxygen and 75% argon gas mixture to remove carbonaceous debris from specimens and specimen holders and prevents contamination during imaging and analysis.








Thermo Scientific Vitrobot


Vitrobot completely automates the vitrification process to provide fast, easy, reproducible sample preparation. Usage charge is £31.