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Postdoc Mentoring Scheme

Remember what it was like when you first joined the Chemistry Department and didn't know how the "system" worked?  Would you have liked someone with a bit more experience to help you to find your way through the administrative hurdles, someone who could advise you and give you the confidence to ask for what you needed to get the most out of your research?  

Or maybe you had someone you could go to when you needed simple solutions to your questions, a helping hand when you were unsure about what the next step in your research should be, advice about career paths or on juggling family responsibilities?

Now you could be that "older and wiser" person to a new postdoc in the Chemistry Department--you could make a difference.  We are recruiting volunteers to help with our new Postdoc Mentoring Scheme.  We think former postdocs will make excellent mentors, because they have something nobody else has--firsthand experience and knowledge of what it's like to be a postdoc in the Chemistry Department.  These are qualities nobody else has, and we think a new postdoc could benefit from your help.  

For more information on the Departmental Mentoring Scheme for Contract Research Staff, visit the Chemistry Department's postdoc pages here.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Victoria Dawson at, telephone number (01223) 336448.