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Meet some of our former Postdocs


Postdoc profiles

  Dr Stephen Potter, Salters’ Fellow 1975 - 1977

After his doctorate at Sheffield with Ian Sutherland,  and a Harkness Fellowship (Professor Alan Battersby had had one of these earlier) at Yale working with Jerry Berson, Stephen was a Salters' Fellow in the department from 1975 to 1977:  he had his own project trying to synthesise artificial enzymes based on macrocyclic soaps and was associated with Alan Battersby’s group [Alan Battersby recently celebrated his 90th birthday with a symposium in the department]. 

Since leaving the department, Stephen has had an active and varied life all over the world as an inventor, creator of businesses, CTO, and dealer in intellectual property and patents.

To read more about Stephen’s life at Cambridge, click here.


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