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Call My Bluff Wine Tasting 2017

Our very popular "Call My Bluff" wine tasting event was held once again this year as part of the University of Cambridge Alumni Festival.

Head of Department Professor John Pyle and his fellow bluffers, Dr Silvia Vignolini and Dr Nick Bampos, held forth on the qualities and properties of the wines being tasted, while audience members had to decide who was telling the truth and who was bluffing, thus proving the untruth of the proverb "In Vino Veritas." Feedback on what the best part of the event was included these comments: "chatting, drinking and being baffled"; "the wit, repartee and the booze"; and "heavily distinguished academics talking complete piffle - and believing them."  

Tasks for the guests included 'guessing the grape' of the two sparkling wines on their tables, completing a wine quiz, and choosing their team names, which included "Blanquetty Blanc" and "Knowledge Holds You Back". Watch out for next year's event, which will again be advertised as part of the Alumni Festival.  

This year's wines were all purchased from Cambridge Wine Merchants. Each round was named in honour of a different aspect of the department, including Students, Nobel Prize winners, Alumni and the Department.

Dr Nick Bampos, Dr Silvia Vignolini and Professor John Pyle prove their bluffing expertise at the 2017 Alumni Festival Call My Bluff wine tasting