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Alumni Festival 2014

Department of Chemistry Student Showcase and Lab Tours in September 2014

The Department of Chemistry held a Student Showcase and Lab Tours as part of the Cambridge University 2014 Alumni Festival in September 2014.  The event was hosted by Emeritus Professor Sir Alan Battersby, FRS, and featured several talented young researchers giving presentations about their research.  Professor Battersby spoke with enthusiasm about his PhD project, although he was envious of many of the modern techniques used regularly nowadays, which would have saved him a lot of time!     

There was a chance for chatting with other alumni over coffee and tea, and after the talks the students gave tours of their labs to interested alumni, who were interested to see how their old haunts had changed.  Here is some of the feedback we received:  

" I realised on my tour how much some aspects of practical chemistry have changed, but how little others have changed."

"I enjoyed Professor Sir Alan Battersby's reminiscences and am sure reminiscences by other [academics] would be interesting."