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Alex Hopkins Memorial Lecture 20th March 2015

This year’s Alex Hopkins Memorial Lecture was given by Professor Andrea Sella on Friday 20th March from 4 – 5:30 pm in the BMS Theatre.

Alex Hopkins was an undergraduate, advanced student and Teaching Fellow in Chemistry at Churchill College, who died tragically young in 2006.  A fund in his memory was established by his family and friends to support Chemistry at Churchill.  Since 2011, the fund has sponsored an annual 'Alex Hopkins Lecture', to be held in the Department of Chemistry.

Alex's infectious enthusiasm and humour characterised his teaching and his exceptional ability to communicate his passion for science. The lectures, although routed in science, aim to be as much about entertaining as educating and are designed to be appealing and accessible to all. 

Andrea Sella is a chemist and broadcaster based at University College London as Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, but also well known for his theatrical demonstrations of chemistry.  Andrea is interested in the synthesis and electronic structure of lanthanide complexes, particularly the bonding in cerium (IV) species. He is also involved in the low temperature templated synthesis of mesostructured materials of such semiconductors as titanium dioxide, silicon, and germanium.