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Dark Photocatalysis: Storage of Solar Energy in Carbon Nitride for Time-Delayed Hydrogen Generation
VW-H Lau, D Klose, H Kasap, F Podjaski, M-C Pignié, E Reisner, G Jeschke, BV Lotsch
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Probing helical transitions in a DNA duplex.
D Chakraborty, DJ Wales
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Solid form and solubility
CA Hunter, R Prohens
– CrystEngComm
Direct measurements of ionic liquid layering at a single mica-liquid interface and in nano-films between two mica-liquid interfaces.
LR Griffin, KL Browning, SM Clarke, AM Smith, S Perkin, MWA Skoda, SE Norman
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Site-selective installation of BASHY fluorescent dyes to Annexin V for targeted detection of apoptotic cells
PMSD Cal, F Sieglitz, FMF Santos, C Parente Carvalho, A Guerreiro, JB Bertoldo, U Pischel, PMP Gois, GJL Bernardes
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
The Amyloid Phenomenon and Its Links with Human Disease.
CM Dobson
– Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol
Single-molecule force spectroscopy quantification of adhesive forces in cucurbit[8]uril host-guest ternary complexes.
Z Walsh-Korb, Y Yu, E-R Janeček, Y Lan, J Del Barrio, PE Williams, X Zhang, OA Scherman
– Langmuir
Insights into the electrochemical performances of Bi anodes for Mg ion batteries using Mg-25 solid state NMR spectroscopy
Z Liu, J Lee, G Xiang, HFJ Glass, EN Keyzer, SE Dutton, CP Grey
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Principles of protein structural ensemble determination.
M Bonomi, GT Heller, C Camilloni, M Vendruscolo
– Current opinion in structural biology
Decreasing amyloid toxicity through an increased rate of aggregation
S Sonzini, HF Stanyon, OA Scherman
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Conformational transition of FGFR kinase activation revealed by site-specific unnatural amino acid reporter and single molecule FRET.
L Perdios, AR Lowe, G Saladino, TD Bunney, N Thiyagarajan, Y Alexandrov, C Dunsby, PMW French, JW Chin, FL Gervasio, EW Tate, M Katan
– Scientific reports
Vinyl Ether/Tetrazine Pair for the Traceless Release of Alcohols in Cells.
E Jiménez-Moreno, Z Guo, BL Oliveira, IS Albuquerque, A Kitowski, A Guerreiro, O Boutureira, T Rodrigues, G Jiménez-Osés, GJL Bernardes
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Molecular dynamics simulation of tau peptides for the investigation of conformational changes induced by specific phosphorylation patterns
NS Gandhi, P Kukic, G Lippens, RL Mancera
– Methods Mol Biol
Organometallic chemistry using partially fluorinated benzenes
SD Pike, MR Crimmin, AB Chaplin
– Chem. Commun.
Machine learning prediction for classification of outcomes in local minimisation
R Das, DJ Wales
– Chemical Physics Letters
Cobalt-catalysed C–H carbonylative cyclisation of aliphatic amides
P Williamson, A Galván, MJ Gaunt
– Chem. Sci.
On the Benchmarking of Multi-Junction Photoelectrochemical Fuel Generating Devices
MM May, D Lackner, J Ohlmann, F Dimroth, R van de Krol, T Hannappel, K Schwarzburg
– Sustainable Energy Fuels
Transparency and openness in science
J Sanders, J Blundy, A Donaldson, S Brown, R Ivison, M Padgett, K Padian, K Rittinger, K Rowe, A Stace, E Viding, C Chambers, M Chaplain
– Royal Society Open Science
[Pyr(1)]Apelin-13((1-12)) Is a Biologically Active ACE2 Metabolite of the Endogenous Cardiovascular Peptide [Pyr(1)]Apelin-13
P Yang, RE Kuc, AL Brame, A Dyson, M Singer, RC Glen, J Cheriyan, IB Wilkinson, AP Davenport, JJ Maguire
– Front Neurosci
Measurement of the 13 C isotopic signature of methane emissions from Northern European wetlands
RE Fisher, JL France, D Lowry, M Lanoisellé, R Brownlow, JA Pyle, M Cain, N Warwick, UM Skiba, J Drewer, KJ Dinsmore, SR Leeson, SJ-B Bauguitte, A Wellpott, SJ O'Shea, G Allen, MW Gallagher, J Pitt, CJ Percival, K Bower, C George, GD Hayman, T Aalto, A Lohila, M Aurela, T Laurila, PM Crill, CK McCalley, EG Nisbet
– Global Biogeochemical Cycles