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Dr Anthony Coyne

I received my B.Sc (Hons) from the National University of Ireland, Galway (1998) and my Ph.D (2002) from the same university under the direction of Prof. Richard Butler. My Ph.D work focused on the synthetic and mechanistic aspects of the Huisgen cycloaddition reaction with an emphasis on the role of water as a reaction solvent. I then moved to an industrial position with GlaxoSmithKline and returned to academia as a postdoctoral fellow (2004) to the group of Prof Pat Guiry at University College Dublin. In 2006 I moved to a postdoctoral position at the University of Cambridge in the group of Dr Martin Smith. In 2008 I moved to my current position in the group of Prof. Chris Abell at the University of Cambridge where I am a Senior Research Associate. I currently co-supervise the Abell research group.

Research Interests

I am interested in applying fragment-based drug discovery approaches to targeting metalloproteins. I am current applying this methodology to targeting the cytochrome P450's from M. tuberculosis, and the current focus is on CYP121, CYP142 and CYP126. A further area of research that I am interested in is the application of water as a reaction solvent to organic synthesis. I am interested in looking at the mechanistic aspects on how reactions behave when they are carried out in an aqueous medium.  


Part III Project Supervision

  • Previous Projects

Project 1 - 'Targeting CYP121 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using a fragment linking approach'

Project 2 - 'Development of novel fragment scaffolds using cycloaddition methodologies'

Project 3 - 'A fragment elaboration project targeting CYP142 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis'

Undergraduate Chemistry Supervisions

  • Part III - Medicinal Chemistry course - M10
  • Part II - Biological Catalysis - B3


  • "Organic Synthesis in Water: Kinetics, Synthesis and Mechanism" - Postgraduate Lecture Course, Michaelmas Term 
  • ''Fragment Based Drug Discovery'' - Postgraduate Lecture Course, Easter Term 

Laboratory Teaching

  • Head of Class - Part II Organic Chemistry Laboratory



Allosteric Targeting of Aurora A Kinase Using Small Molecules: A Step Forward Towards Next Generation Medicines?
RC Panicker, AG Coyne, R Srinivasan
– Current medicinal chemistry
Structural Characterization and Ligand/Inhibitor Identification Provide Functional Insights into the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cytochrome P450 CYP126A1.
JT Chenge, LV Duyet, S Swami, KJ McLean, ME Kavanagh, AG Coyne, SEJ Rigby, MR Cheesman, HM Girvan, CW Levy, B Rupp, JP von Kries, C Abell, D Leys, AW Munro
– J Biol Chem
Fragment Profiling Approach to Inhibitors of the Orphan M. tuberculosis P450 CYP144A1
ME Kavanagh, J Chenge, A Zoufir, KJ McLean, AG Coyne, A Bender, AW Munro, C Abell
– Biochemistry
Corrigendum: Substrate Fragmentation for the Design of M. tuberculosis CYP121 Inhibitors.
ME Kavanagh, JL Gray, SH Gilbert, AG Coyne, KJ McLean, HJ Davis, AW Munro, C Abell
– ChemMedChem
Organic synthesis reactions on-water at the organic-liquid water interface.
RN Butler, AG Coyne
– Org Biomol Chem
Fragment-based approaches to TB drugs
C Marchetti, DSH Chan, AG Coyne, C Abell
– Parasitology
Insight into Protein Conformation and Subcharging by DMSO from Native Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry
DS-H Chan, D Matak-Vinkovic, AG Coyne, C Abell
– ChemistrySelect
Substrate Fragmentation for the Design of M. tuberculosis CYP121 Inhibitors.
ME Kavanagh, JL Gray, SH Gilbert, AG Coyne, KJ McLean, HJ Davis, AW Munro, C Abell
– ChemMedChem
Spirooxindoles as novel 3D-fragment scaffolds: Synthesis and screening against CYP121 from M. tuberculosis.
HJ Davis, ME Kavanagh, T Balan, C Abell, AG Coyne
– Bioorg Med Chem Lett
Fragment-Based Approaches to the Development of Mycobacterium tuberculosis CYP121 Inhibitors.
ME Kavanagh, AG Coyne, KJ McLean, GG James, CW Levy, LB Marino, LPS de Carvalho, DSH Chan, SA Hudson, S Surade, D Leys, AW Munro, C Abell
– J Med Chem
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