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Current Graduate Students


Before you arrive in Cambridge,  you should have been set up with both your computer access and your e-mail account (CRSid) .  Your University card (mifare card) will also be activated for use in the Department, bespoke to your needs in your particular group. Two key points regarding this are:

a) If your card is not working as you expect/need it to, please contact Susan Begg and she will investigate this for you straight away.

b) In order to maintain continuous access you must register.  If you cannot do so for any reason, please let Emma Graham  in the Personnel Administration Suite (Room 146) know well in advance of this deadline or your card will be deactivated until registration is complete.

In order to assist you in navigating the registration process, the following pathway has been created:

  What to do

  When to do it: Experimentalists

  When to do it: Non-Experimentalists

1. Complete the Registration form

Before attending appointment with Photography Team.

2. Collect an Appointment Slip for Photography from Reception.

Before attending appointment with Photography Team.

3. Complete and submit the green Safety Induction Checklist form

Complete during the ‘Departmental Advanced Safety Training: Part 1’, Monday 9th January, 13.30-15.00 h (submit when you register – see 7. below).

4. Complete the Statement on Safety Regulations 2016/17 form

By the end of all available Departmental and University level safety training on Tuesday 10th January.

5. Have your photograph taken by the photography team (Room 254).  Please make sure you have collected an Appointment Slip from Reception before you come.


6. Take your completed registration form (photograph attached) to the Accounts Office (Room G27) and pay a £50 deposit (this is refunded when you leave).  Please note that the Accounts Office will accept payment by cash or cheque only, i.e. no card payments.

Please note: it is not necessary to go immediately from Photography to Accounts, i.e. it can be split over separate days if you need it to be.

7. Take ALL your fully completed forms to the Personnel Administration Suite (Room 146) to complete the registration procedure

You will need to take your fully completed:

  • Registration form: including your lab room number & internal phone number
  • Safety Induction Checklist form
  • Statement of Safety Regulations 2016/17 form

As well as your passport (all students) and your visa documentation (if you have a visa).

Your photograph is taken for security purposes and is used on your University card, loaded on to the departmental database and you may appear in the ‘Who’s Who in the Department of Chemistry’ booklet.